Eight Things To Consider Before Listing

Dated: February 6 2021

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So you have decided that you are going to sell your home. While your home may work just as it is for you and your family; and you don’t want to invest any more time or money into your property. Here are eight things you should consider before listing. A few steps that every homeowner should take to ensure that their home will sell quickly and at the highest price possible.

Contact A Real Estate Expert

A REALTOR® can give you advice on what your property’s potential value may be; what improvements your home needs to get the best price, and the best strategy to use to market your home.

Get Your Home Ready 

  • Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned While this may seem like an unnecessary expense; it can give your home that fresh appearance that really appeals to potential buyers. 
  • Make All Necessary Minor Repairs This is an inexpensive way to give your home a finished look and will convince potential buyers that the home is in good repair. This includes fixing any damage to walls and ceilings, installing new faucets or lighting fixtures; making any cosmetic changes to the kitchen and bathrooms that will give your property a modern appearance. 
  • Clear The Clutter Giving your home an open and clean appearance can definitely make a huge difference in attracting buyers. Be sure you tidy any messy areas of the home. Depersonalize it by removing most photos and any items or collections that may distract buyers during open houses or while looking at pictures of your home. 
  • Look At Your Home From A Buyer’s Perspective Sometimes you may not notice small imperfections or areas of your home that seem not to flow with the rest of the house. Try to take a walk through your home and your property with fresh eyes; and be as critical as you would be if you were looking to buy your home again. 
  • Make Repairs To The Exterior Don’t forget the front and back yards, as well as the roof and brick or siding of your home; when making repairs to your property. Your investment is always worth it, and creating curb appeal can really make a difference in attracting buyers. 
  • Make sure your Realtor® is planning on having professional photographs of your property taken. Photographs are very important tools for home sales in today’s housing market. Having a complete set of high quality photos that best accentuate the features of your home is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. 
  • Consider More Major Renovations If Necessary If your kitchen or bathroom is very outdated or in bad repair, or you have electrical, plumbing, or mold problems in your home; these are all issues that can really stall the sale of your property. Fixing these problems will usually not only make your home sell more quickly; and will also increase the value of your home far beyond the expense associated with making the repairs in the first place. 
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